Dropping October 24th at 3pm EST.
Only 50 available. 

How does this drop work? 

On October 24th, starting at 3pm EST, you will be able to buy an NFT of this hoodie. Each NFT allows you to redeem the physical hoodie in your chosen size. There will be a total of 50 NFTs/hoodies. First come first serve. Hoodies made by

How can I buy this hoodie?

The first step is to buy an NFT of this hoodie here: Here’s a video tutorial: The second step is to redeem the physical hoodie. 

How can I redeem the physical hoodie?

Visit, find your item and click "Redeem". Here's a video tutorial:

Can I buy the NFT/hoodie on secondary markets?

Yes, you can! The hoodies are available on OpenSea here: sure the physical hoodie hasn’t been claimed before buying the NFT from secondary markets. 

How can I know if the physical hoodie has already been claimed?

On OpenSea, there is a property called “REDEEMED”. If it is marked as “FALSE”, it means the physical hoodie hasn’t been claimed. 

Who is eligible for the drop?

For the first 7 days, every wallet address who owns a Pop Art Cat AND a Pop Art Wonder will be eligible for the mint. After 7 days, any wallet address will be able to buy a hoodie. 

How many can I buy?

Each eligible wallet address can buy 1. 

How many hoodies are there?

There are 50 hoodies in total. 40 of them will be available for purchase. 10 are reserved for the team and giveaways. 

How much are the hoodies?

$130 USD + shipping. Paid in ETH. 

How long do I have to claim the physical hoodie?

You have until November 24th at 3pm EST to claim the physical hoodie.