What are the Pop Art Wonders?

Matt Chessco will create 25 monumental artworks in his lifetime. These monumental artworks are called the Pop Art Wonders. If you own a Pop Art Cat, you will benefit from each Pop Art Wonder Matt will create. 

Where can I buy Pop Art Wonders?

You can buy Pop Art Wonders on secondary NFT marketplaces like OpenSea

How many Pop Art Wonders have been created so far?

Only one Pop Art Wonder has been created so far. Check out how the first Pop Art Wonder was made by visiting Matt Chessco's YouTube channel

How did the Pop Art Cats holders benefit from the first Pop Art Wonder?

The first Pop Art Wonder was turned into an NFT and given away to the Pop Art Cats holders. Pop Art Cats holders had 10 days to mint a token and become the co-owner of the painting. In total, 1,462 tokens were minted. Each token represents 1/1,462th of the world's largest cat painting. The physical painting will never be sold. The team will keep it for exhibitions. 

 What are the benefits of owning the first Pop Art Wonder?

By owning the first Pop Art Wonder, you become the co-owner of the physical painting. You are also free to use the image of the NFT for commercial purposes up to $50,000 per year. Above that we ask to enter into a more formal licensing agreement. Check the terms of license for more info. Visit our Community portal to download the high-resolution images of the NFT. Over time, owning the first Pop Art Wonder will give you more benefits.