The Pop Art World is an art adventure curated by artist Matt Chessco. You will need a Pop Art Cat to appreciate the adventure to its fullest. Become the owner of one of the 10,000 Cats and join the adventure now!

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Matt will create 25 monumental artworks called the Pop Art Wonders.

Each Wonder will be turned into an NFT. Owners of a Pop Art Cat will be able to mint the NFTs for free + gas (other conditions may apply). Minting a Wonder will make you the co-owner of the Wonder and give you access to its IP.

Wonders can take many forms. Think of large paintings, sculptures, short films, stop-motion animations and more. The creation process of each Wonder will be documented, filmed and translated into a short video you can watch.

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  • As the Pop Art World unfolds, Cat owners will enjoy many benefits including limited edition collectibles, VIP access to special events and lots of surprises.

  • Matt Chessco is a former industrial designer and mechanical engineer who became a full-time artist in 2020.

  • In just 3 years, Matt’s entertaining art videos have been seen over 2 billion times.

  • With more than 4M followers, he is one of the most followed NFT artists in the world.

  • Matt has collaborated with many notorious brands like Samsung, Ray-Ban, BMW, Porsche and Disney+, just to name a few.